Join our happy band

We all get a lot out of maintaining these lists but from time to time one or another of us has to drop out.  There are just 7 of us looking after 8 weekly lists.  We could do a lot more with the site if there were more of us but right now just keeping the weekly lists going is the important thing to us.

Now we need another volunteer (or 2) to help get the team back up to strength.   The role is very simple, you will become the manager of one of our weekly lists.   Each week you will update the list with the new weekly, fortnightly and monthly challenges that change on your week-day.    From time to time there will be new sites to add and others will close.   The time it takes varies from list to list and computer user to user, but on average it is about 1 hour a week.

We have a private Facebook group where we share news about challenges, and other news.   Our team is a mix of British and American women but anyone, from anywhere and any gender will be welcome.

You need an hour a week, a computer with internet access, a blogger account.

The rewards?  Keeping up to date with lots of challenges from all over being one of the first to know when a DT call goes out (at least on your week-day) the friendship of our brilliant team.   And our special badge for your blog.

We would love you to join us, if you are interested please send an email, and leave a comment here just in case your email gets stuck in my junk mail.


Julie Curtis said...

I need more info on this. I may able to help out. Here's my email

Zoe Sanderson said...

Thanks Julie, I have replied if you do not see my email please check your spam/junk box, my address might have been filtered out.

Kathyk said...

I might be interested but take a couple of longish vacations each year which would mean I wouldn't be able to update regularly. If you think this still might work then leave me a message on my blog with your e-mail address (which I won't publish)

FYI - I've found this blog to be VERY helpful in finding challenges.


Zoe Sanderson said...

Thanks Kathy, I have left a comment on your blog and my email address is on this page. Look forward to hearing from you.

Beverley Lowe said...

Hi - I would be interested. Have sent you an e mail.

Ayoti Mittra said...

I am interested I need informations how to do it. Thank you. I send you email.

Zoe Sanderson said...

Thank you Ayoti, I received your email and have replied. Hope you join us

Aileen Ryan said...

We have just started a new challenge, well it starts tomorrow morning 4th in America and I wondered what to do to get you to list it. My email is Love your blog, use it everyday when posting. Aileen

Annette Stapylton said...

Zoe, I have 4 challenges I would like to list with you. I will send you the details via email.
My email is: