Saturday, July 13, 2013


Welcome, listing here some of the challenges that are available in blogland.  To start with at least I can only list challenges on a daily basis as I find them it will not be possible to add inspiration pictures, or winners.   If anyone would like to help me with this list it would be wonderful, please drop me a line.   As a former volunteer for another list I know how time consuming this is but will do my best to develop and maintain the lists.

The aim of this list is to help crafters find places to share their creativity and make new connections.   Our creative network is world wide and it is wonderful to visit and learn from one another.   This is also a place for challenges to promote themselves, I will try to pass on their requirements:

MU - must use site/sponsor product
CU  - can use site/sponsor product
Open  - no material restrictions, unless part of specific challenge
E3  - entry limit indicated by code number
OE3 - entries to other challenges limited by code number

JFF - no prizes just a fun place
T3  - select top 1 or how ever many indicated by code number
SW - selected winner
RW - random winner

W  - weekly
2W - fortnightly
M  - monthly

These and other notes will be for guidance purposes only.   All challenges have rules and restrictions sometimes a regular part of the challenge sometimes the challenge is a restriction.   It is the responsibility of entrants to check challenge rules and confirm that their entry qualifies.    Nothing frustrates a challenge design team more than ineligible entries.