Monday, September 7, 2015

Help Needed

Our little band of list managers is shrinking again, we all get a lot out of maintaining these lists but from time to time one or another of us has to drop out.  This time it is Sandra who looks after the Monday list.   Sandra took over the Monday list at the end of May 2014 and has kept it up to date with new sites being added and others removed as changes occurred.   Her contribution has been fantastic, but other family demands on her time mean that she is not able to continue with the list.

Thank you Sandra for your contribution to the team, we are sorry to see you go and as you know there will be slot for you is you want to come back in the future.

Now we need another volunteer (or 2) to help get the team back up to strength.   The role is very simple, you will become the manager of one of our weekly lists.   Each week you will update the list with the new weekly, fortnightly and monthly challenges that change on your week-day.    From time to time there will be new sites to add and others will close.   The time it takes varies from list to list and computer user to user, but on average it is about 1 hour a week.

We have a private face book group where we share news about challenges other news.   Our team is a mix of British and American women but anyone, from anywhere and any gender will be welcome.

You need an hour a week, a computer with internet access, a blogger account.

The rewards?  Keeping up to date with lots of challenges from all over being one of the first to know when a DT call goes out (at least on your week-day) the friendship of our brilliant team.   And our special badge for your blog.

We would love you to join us, if you are interested please send me Zoechaos@icloud.com an email, and leave a comment here just in case your email gets stuck in my junk mail.

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Sent you an email regarding a new challenge blog