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We all get a lot out of maintaining these lists but from time to time one or another of us has to drop out.   We could do a lot more with the site if there were more of us but right now just keeping the weekly lists going is the important thing to us.

Now we need another volunteer (or 2) to help get the team back up to strength.   The role is very simple, you will become the manager of one of our weekly lists.   Each week you will update the list with the new weekly, fortnightly and monthly challenges that change on your week-day.    From time to time there will be new sites to add and others will close.   The time it takes varies from list to list and computer user to user, but on average it is about 1 hour a week, perhaps 2.

We have a private Facebook group where we share news about challenges, and other news.   Our team is a mix of British and American women but anyone, from anywhere and any gender will be welcome.

You need an hour a week, a computer with internet access, a blogger account and be on FaceBook so you can join our "secret" team group..

The rewards?  Keeping up to date with lots of challenges from all over being one of the first to know when a DT call goes out (at least on your week-day) the friendship of our brilliant team.   And our special badge for your blog.

We would love you to join us, if you are interested please send CFDinfo11@gmail.com (or copy and paste CFDinfo11@gmail.com) an email, copy & paste the following questions and send us the answers:
Your Name:
Are you familiar with Blogger?
At times, we are in need of "floaters".  A floater fills in when a list manager needs a day off, checks
all the lists for TBA's and corrects then, and a few other small tasks.  Would you be willing to be a floater until a day becomes available?
We can be quite lively, and often talk about life, ask for opinions, throw out suggestions, and we always want to hear from everyone.  We are a close bunch and look out for each other.  Do you feel you could fit in with us? Why?
The following is just for our records should we need to get in touch:
Your Facebook page:
Your Blog Link:
ALSO, please leave a comment here just in case your email gets stuck in the junk mail.  Above and beyond anything else, you and your loved ones come before this list, and we are well aware that things happen.  We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself, possibly stretch those creative wings as you learn about new and new to you challenges.  We are a supportive group of women and we care for each other deeply; along those lines we would refer to hear from people who can commit to at least 6 months. We have proudly never "fired" anyone; and a few of us have been here since the lists inception.  If any of this sounds like you why not drop us an email? Again the address is CFDinfo11@gmail.com (or copy and paste CFDinfo11@gmail.com) .  Applied previously and couldn't commit or didn't get chosen {we typically choose first come, first serve}? So what?  Why not try again!  


Unknown said...

Hi there. I would be happy to help out one day a week. I have oodles of time :) I live in the UK. Not sure if there is anything else you need to know. Please get in touch if there is :) Thank you! regards
Mary xx

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if you still need help but I'm willing to help in any way that I can.

Kathyk said...

Thank you Felicta, trying to get back to you but you haven't left a link to your blog and clicking on your name just takes me to a google page with no means of messaging you


Mary Jensen Elliott said...

I am an avid papercrafter in Central NY, USA. I would love to help you with your listings. I have a Facebook page of my designs and a webpage. I will email you the details for those. Have a happy scrappy week!

Kathyk said...

Thank you Mary, your offer is much appreciated, whilst we are up to speed at the moment we would appreciate your details for the future - thank you

Floating List Manager

Janis Lewis said...

I just saw a post about your site here on FB in the Design Teams Call group. I had no idea you existed! So excited. I'll email you my challenge blogs and codes to use. Yay!

Lucille K said...

Hi - I would be happy to volunteer at Challenges for Days. I am currently on the City Crafter design team, retired, live in the U.S.A, have a blog and Facebook account. Thank you, Lucille Kearin - http://whitepoints.blogspot.com

Chana Malkah said...

I will be happy to help!

Doris Klein said...

Hi girl,
I would like to help you and sent you an e-mail ...
best regards

CraftinGranny said...

I sent you an email and am following up here. I've just started blogging again after a few years and your site has helped me find challenges in which to play. Would like to help someone else as much as you have helped me. Mu blog is craftingranny@blogspot.com and my Facebook page is Carol Riepen-West. Thanks for your consideration.

FreeToBeMe..LisaJ said...

Hello Felicita here from Tic Tac Toe challenge. I would love to help out in any way I can for listing our challenge on your page. I can be reached at lisluvs2stamp.com